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Solid colors usually work best. Avoid large-printed patterns as they tend to be a distraction. Wear clothing that is comfortable and that you feel good in and that complement your skin tone well. If you aren't comfortable it will show in your portraits. If you are dressing a family or extended family, try not to overly match (don't go buy matching polos!). Instead try to stay in the same family of colors and pick a few color options rather than just one. Layering clothing is a good idea as well as it will add dimension.


When will I receive my order?

We usually have a two-week turnaround for regular prints. Large prints, canvases and albums take longer, usually around three to four weeks.

When will I see my portraits proofs?

Your proofs will be ready to view about a week after your session. You'll receive a call, text, or email to schedule a Portrait Premier appointment in the studio.

What can I expect at my Portrait Premiere?

Youll get to see yourself on our big screen! First we'll show you a short highlight video of our favorites ~ bring a tissue! ~ then you'll see all of your proofs. We've got some great software to help you narrow down your selections.

You dont have to place your order when you view your proofs, however, you'll receive an 'Early Order' discount if you place your order within a week of your Premiere! In order to receive the discount you'll need to pay at least half of the order total. We will complete the order process once the balance has been paid in full.

Do I have to place my order at my Portrait Premiere?

What do we wear for the Photo Session?

What is the session fee?

The session fee pays for the time invested in photographing and editing the session. The session fee is due at the time of booking. If you purchase a package the fee will be credited towards that package. A mini studio session fee is $50. A full studio session fee is $100. An on-location full session fee is $150.

How do I schedule an appointment?


You can either call the studio at 661.873.4101 or send an email to